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University of Sydney Business School
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University of Sydney Business School

General Description

Our MBA is different.

A curriculum and learning environment far beyond the traditional classroom setting, the University of Sydney's MBA teaches innovation, interpersonal emotional intelligence and resourceful business thinking beyond the standard old academic norms of yesteryear.

A globally top ranked, world class institution at the forefront of global business & management education, The University of Sydney is consistently rated far-above world standard attracting high-calibre staff and students from around the world. Developed in close consultation with industry innovators and business leaders, the MBA not just exposes students to the latest business trends and technical business skills, but develops the critical human centric soft skills required to inspire, influence, motivate and genuinely lead in today's business world. The program's unique learning approach enables the application of theory into unsimulated, live, real-world commercial challenges. We do not use text books or old case studies. Our students learn to collaborate with diverse perspectives from all industry backgrounds, deal with ambiguity and innovate beyond standard business norms. In today's business environment, resourcefulness, partnership & personality are key leadership differentiators. The University of Sydney MBA unlocks and refines these skills required to genuinely lead in today's real world.

“Our MBA has a strong focus on developing the personal and interpersonal skills needed to lead in today’s hyperconnected, global environment, which is increasingly characterised by disruption. The program is underpinned by our unique approach to learning, which goes beyond the traditional classroom setting and requires students to deliver prototypes and effective solutions to real, live business problems, not old case studies or manufactured unrealistic environments. No other school offers this.."

Professor Guy Ford
Director MBA, Executive Management Education


  Master of Business Administration
Number of students300
Average years of work experience10

Contact Details

133 Castlereagh St. Sydney. New South Wales. 2000. Australia

Information updated in February 2017