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Job Description
Job: Sales Director MS Federal Health & Benefits Team
Sales role
Full Time Job
Posted on: September 16, 2021
Locations: USA (District of Columbia)
Job Description:
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Microsoft is on a mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Our culture is centered on embracing a growth mindset, a theme of inspiring excellence, and encouraging teams and leaders to bring their best each day. Growth mindset encourages each of us to lean in and learn what matters most to our customers, to create the foundational knowledge that enables us to make customer-first decisions in everything we do. In doing so, we create life-changing innovations that impact billions of lives around the world. You can help us achieve our mission.


The Microsoft Federal organization was established to address the unique mission, legal/regulatory requirements, and procurement rules and processes of the United States Government (USG).  Microsoft Federal is committed to ensuring its resources – including appropriately qualified, experienced, and certified personnel (with necessary security clearances or otherwise) are available as needed to meet USG evolving needs.  To that end, Microsoft embraces, as a mission-critical philosophy, flexibility in the recruiting, hiring, and workforce assignment of Microsoft Federal personnel.   Microsoft Federal personnel can expect to serve in various roles in the Microsoft Federal organization during the course of their career to meet evolving USG needs, regardless of segment – Civilian, Defense, or intelligence community.


A role like this may very well be the pinnacle of your career. Be part of a dynamic, world-class community that will enable you to learn, collaborate, and contribute with the top minds in the federal healthcare industry. You will build and foster strategic relationships with the c-suites of the most impactful federal healthcare agencies and will be at the forefront of their digital transformations. Envision working jointly with these customers to merge business vision with engineering roadmaps to enable market-making innovations. Be the visionary that takes their leaders on a journey but use your industry and business acumen to make those dreams of today, tangible business outcomes of tomorrow.

All of this will require you to orchestrate a large, national, internal team that you will lead through influence without authority, and together, you will challenge things that were never thought possible. You will be the Customer Outcomes leader who sets the strategy & direction, drive action, and progress toward strategic objectives and value realization, by solving for the customers business outcomes with multi-year goals. With your vision, demonstrate Business Value across clouds and solution areas by becoming deeply embedded in the customer’s industry and business. With your Industry and Business acumen, you will execute on this strategy on a joint account plan to act on the customers business outcomes and to capture the total available market. Having a direct impact on Microsoft Revenue and the Customers transformation, you will own the Strategic Trusted Relationship & Design Thought Leadership enabling business transformation & innovation.
Using your people management skills, you will lead, challenge, and inspire team to focus on top priorities and challenges to drive the customers business outcomes. You will motivate and coach your team to achieve their goals. Establishes standards and best practices for the team to share information among its members, and to publicly celebrate the team successes. Creates a sense of teamwork and gains the support of key members of the team, especially in stressful or challenging


People Management

Managers deliver success through empowerment and accountability by modeling, coaching, and caring.
Model - Live our culture; Embody our values; Practice our leadership principles.
Coach - Define team objectives and outcomes; Enable success across boundaries; Help the team adapt and learn.
Care - Attract and retain great people; Know each individual’s capabilities and aspirations; Invest in the growth of others.

Account Management

Leads the vision of a mature/dynamic multi-year customer plan detailing critical insights and new business opportunities aligned to customer priorities. Coaches and models a diverse and high-performing team and key stakeholders (e.g., industry experts) on plan execution (e.g., prioritization, delegation) and drives accountability to deliver on account plans and grow the account. Anticipates future needs by incorporating the 3 Horizons model into account planning and leverages resources equally across the 3 Horizons, as well as provides long-term strategic insight to customers as a trusted partner.
Provides direction for strategies for key accounts to ensure engagements yield high-volume sales, drive plans to increase revenue potential, and open new opportunities for both Microsoft and the partners, aligned to goals, budgets, and forecasts. Leads, challenges, and inspires team to focus on top priorities and challenges to drive business case. Leverages deep industry expertise to anticipate industry direction, ecosystem, and transformation and proactively manages business transformation efforts and critical client pursuits (e.g., 3rd Horizon, driving consumption across business units).
Strategically builds and expands influential network of key internal and external partners and decision makers, including vertical industry partners to ensure execution of core tasks and account transactions and to provide a comprehensive account management experience. Leads regular meetings for strategic accounts with relevant partners. Shapes transformation for partners to build innovative solutions and applies an ecosystem-wide perspective to better position partner growth at all levels.
Guides efforts with key internal and external partners and business and technical decision makers in developing, sharing, and promoting mutually beneficial, long-term, customizable joint investment plans to grow sales and partner impact, leveraging deep relationships, broad influence, and in-depth industry expertise. Identifies opportunities to share Microsoft and partner strategies across other segments and ensure customer success in the acquisition, implementation, and consumption of Microsoft's and partner's services and solutions. Challenges the organization and partners during strategic discussions to shape the broader ecosystem (e.g., passing legislation) and to ensure partners are moving as quickly as Microsoft across strategic initiatives/pursuits.

Proactively solicits feedback on additional needs, products, and features to develop targeted strategies for customers. Demonstrates a strong understanding of the customer's business model to articulate growth opportunities, leveraging industry expertise to shape ecosystem. Influences relevant (internal and external) stakeholders and resources to drive change on behalf of the customer and to enhance team capabilities, improve Microsoft offerings, and adapt Microsoft's messaging to the assigned account.

Strategic Thinking

Creates and leverages partnerships with leaders (e.g., C-level executives, board members) and decision makers of the assigned account, the broader ecosystem, and within other areas of their hierarchy to reimagine and shape long-term strategic business direction, digital capabilities, revenue streams, etc. Directs the appropriate internal executives and partners to build strategic relationships, leveraging deep knowledge of customer business and ecosystem (e.g., customers, competitors, partners). Conducts ongoing executive mapping exercises to ensure alignment across key internal and external groups.
Leads strategic discussions by discussing ideas to transform customer business models to better serve their own customers, increase profitability and market share, and transform the ecosystem. Promotes and inspires a more holistic digital approach between Microsoft and the customer. Prepares for discussions by thinking through what is important for the customer by establishing return on investment ROI models, key customer benefits, etc. Envisions a joint road map around the 3 Horizons, to ensure time spent is allocated strategically across the short-, medium-, and long-term.
Drives unique, strategic industry-focused business insights and opportunities to create long-term, competitive advantage for the customer. Develops driving thought leadership and strategic co-innovation ideas for the business, and challenges customers when appropriate to think differently and offer alternative industry-specific points of view.

Customer Engagement

Guides the team in creating transformative customer engagement strategies to foster customer trust and brand growth and loyalty. Owns the organizational tone for building and maintaining long-term strategic customer relationships and for driving larger impact for the customer. Acts as an industry thought leader and as a consultant to key stakeholders when discussing key Microsoft differentiators and long-term industry trends. Proactively defines and creates governance model to ensure mapping across seniority levels.
Advises team on how to best leverage Microsoft sales strategies (e.g., Challenger Sale mindset) and to articulate Microsoft's and partners' point of view and creates deep connections with decision makers through multiple levels of the customers' organization to drive purchase decisions and increase interaction and participation, leveraging relevant tools and resources (e.g., LinkedIn). Creates and leverages strategic relationships in ecosystem to address highly complex political blockers and drive execution for the customer.
Proactively develops a strong, comprehensive understanding of customer's business needs, priorities, and strategies and industry insights, competition, market competitive trends, and the customer's customers. Guides internal colleagues on ways to develop deeper customer knowledge. Anticipates customers needs to deliver new insights on customers business strategies. Articulates need to address customer's business needs (both internally and to the customer). Identifies and pursues opportunities to optimize offerings and delivers solutions into overall long-term business strategy. Regularly seeks out new information via annual reports, 10-Ks, reads LinkedIn articles, and engages in ongoing customer/partner conversations to learn more about customer issues. Anticipates new potential market opportunities for the customer, leveraging deep industry expertise.

Sales Excellence

Leverages deep relationships with key customer contacts and participates in customer feedback mechanisms (both formal and informal) regarding ways to acquire, retain, and grow more of their business for their customers. Identifies and understands the drivers of satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction, leveraging in-depth industry knowledge and anticipating perspectives of the final customer.

Leads the creation of long-term strategies aimed at building a level of loyalty that would be hard for competitors to overcome. Anticipates issues/risks on customer satisfaction, determines the root cause of problems, removes blockers, and establishes recovery action plan to improve customer's overall experience. Implements customer-focused and mutual success criteria, such as executive steering committees, quarterly business reviews, and scorecards. Builds trust and loyalty with the customer by providing up-to-date insights, challenging the customer when necessary, and introducing innovative ideas relevant to the customer's business strategy. Enables customers to provide feedback directly to executives to help transform account space by establishing open communication channels for feedback, providing executive sponsorship, and providing direction to others to ensure customer feedback is addressed through the One Microsoft approach.

Provides strategic direction and input for the team on the development of the business transformation and co-innovation strategy for the assigned account that is based on customer's expected outcomes and Microsoft's added innovative value, and opens doors to new opportunities grounded in deep understanding of industry trends, customer needs, competitor differentiators, and final consumer perspectives. Anticipates market changes to drive new industry-relevant cloud solutions to customers. Brings greater customer/partner ecosystem together with the customer to discuss how to enrich customer's value to their customers. Proactively brings an industry perspective to the team and acts as a thought leader within the industry.
"Coaches the team on important customer business dynamics and ability to translate customers' business priorities to Microsoft solutions, and engages Microsoft decision makers to drive customer's strategy, goals, and optimization. Influences decision makers of the account (e.g., C-level, high-impact customers) on Microsoft's vision, strategy, and value, and positions Microsoft to increase customer's budget allocated to Microsoft, tailor solutions that satisfy customers' key performance indicators (KPIs). Translates features into business outcomes that accelerate the customer's digital presence. Creates quantifiable business metrics that address business outcomes for the customer and holds others accountable to those metrics. Challenges the mindset of the team to bring in new insights, provoking thoughts, new ideas, etc.
Provides guidance on the usage of business cases to develop and present compelling value proposition presentations and specialized business plans for customers that showcase Microsoft's products and solutions to connect decision makers in the account to the broader Microsoft solutions, provides thought leadership to inspire others to generate new content and opportunities. Leads internal efforts to drive the relevance of Microsoft's expertise for the customer.
Cultivates and maintains a status as a leading thought leader and trusted advisor to critical business decision makers by bringing innovative ideas and narratives, leveraging deep industry expertise, establishing ongoing cadences, and bringing together the customer's customers. Navigates the stakeholder landscape and mobilizes and mentors the account management team and relevant stakeholders with deep industry expertise (e.g., industry solutions executives) to expand the partnership with decision makers of the assigned account. Creates and mobilizes best-in-class sales and communication strategies and tools to anticipate business needs and identify new opportunities. Challenges and holds customers accountable by creating an environment of joint accountability and speaks up when customer is pursuing an inefficient path.
Creates and qualifies new opportunities by identifying highly strategic opportunities (e.g., very large, long-term, high-impact) within accounts and guiding the customer on how to best identify new opportunities, leveraging deep customer and industry relationships. Proactively directs team to create "Points of View" for customers, and reads emerging patterns across the industry to anticipate customer needs and concerns. Drives new business opportunities across the team by creating a partner ecosystem, and empowers team members to find new opportunities by acting as a role model and by setting a clear vision and energy for the team to drive towards.

Competitive Knowledge

Provides thought leadership and coaching to account teams across segments to strengthen knowledge of the industry (e.g., emerging trends, forecasting long-term developments, influencers), competitors (e.g., Amazon Web Services [AWS], Salesforce) customer business priorities (e.g., challenges, competitive landscape). Understands where Microsoft may not be able to compete, and how key customer competitors compete within their respective space, and knows where Microsoft brings more strategic value to customers, and avoids more tactical/solution-based conversations.


10+ years of building strategic business partnerships through selling or consulting with enterprise customers. Equally considered will be 5+ years of experience driving digital transformation from within the enterprise customer.
Bachelor’s degree; MBA or MA or equivalent experience.
2+ years of people management; preferred experience managing and developing both sales and technical talent.
Experience in influence-without-authority (networking / orchestration with 50+ internal and external people) in complex environments.
Demonstrated ability to understand how to run business and commercial models (including, but not limited to, portfolio management, P&L ownership, business planning).
Embody “we-before-me” mindset.
An industry mastery of Federal and/or Healthcare is preferred.
A great storyteller and be able to influence, impact and deliver on our valued differentiators by sharing our Industry Cloud Solutions.
Business Acumen and experience in Account Planning, Time Management, Virtual Leadership.
Have knowledge and the ability to create a multi-year strategic commitment with the Customer to solve their business needs and expand their markets and/or product offerings.
Adaptable communication style: The ability to adapt one's behavior to different people and situations, while recognizing, acknowledging and understanding different perspectives, modeling a global growth mindset with intercultural awareness.
The ability to adapt one's behavior to different people and situations, while recognizing, acknowledging and understanding different perspectives.


Cloud Screening: Candidates must be able to successfully complete and pass a Microsoft Cloud background screening. Required Cloud Screenings will be administered on a recurring bi-annual basis

The successful candidate must be a U.S. Citizen. Citizenship Verification: This position requires verification of US Citizenship to meet federal government security requirements.


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