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Taking your Virtual Event from Good to Great

With the past year being what it was, we have all had to face new challenges, and overcome hurdles as they have come our way. But while overcoming a challenge is an accomplishment, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Whether we like it or not, Virtual Events are most likely here to stay, and we are here to help you make the most of it! All virtual events will have a few things ...
Profile PictureAlexandre Rossier, Admin | April 8, 2021 comment 0   

Virtual Career Day: Outperforming expectations (Testimonial)

Written by Christian Siemens, Bain & Company Challenging times require innovative solutions – the same holds true for this year’s career day at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Having studied at Frankfurt School, I personally know of the great advantage that the format holds for students to receive first-hand insights from numerous top-tier companies across various industries. U...
Profile PictureZana Z., Admin | February 5, 2021 comment 0   
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How to make the most of a Virtual Career Fair

Mastering any virtual career fair can be as easy as following the five P's: Participate, Prepared, Presentable, Punctual and Persistent. Following these steps can help you elevate your experience in any virtual career fair by helping maximize your engagement and keep your focus where it needs to be, from the first session to the last. Participate Virtual fairs are no different from in-perso...
Profile PictureAlexandre Rossier, Admin | July 19, 2021 comment 0   

Virtual Events: How to go from Good to Great

The pandemic has disrupted how students and employers experience recruitment. Luckily, the plethora of digital tools available made it possible to speedily transition to online recruitment. The urgency to find employment is more important in this job market than ever before, which is why schools have transitioned to hosting virtual career fairs, networking events, and student treks. In our exp...
Profile PictureAgnese Goletti, Hult International Business School '14 | March 8, 2021 comment 0   
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Most Popular Employers 2020

This article is part of the “2020 Ranking of MBA Development Programs”. At the time of this writing, our Employers Directory has 1120 companies, with this article focusing on the top ten! The top three most popular employers for this past year were Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, and Siemens, taking first, second and third place respectively. All three employers maintain their spots from last year'...
Profile PictureAlexandre Rossier, Admin | July 8, 2020 comment 0   
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MBA job search strategy, an alternate career and craving to land up chief executive job position

I was going to entitle this article “Alternative careers: from MBA degree to PhD ”. A top MBA coursework specially designed to train managers who are the partway in their career mainly designed to hold manager or above position in a company with a salary to match. However, it is tough to land up a job where almost every MBA candidate holds a more than one master-level degree qualifications otherw...
Profile PictureVERKHA RANI, University of Liverpool, School of Management '18 | August 11, 2019 comment 0   
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The Global Career Forum – An opportunity to hire top talent

When recruiters look to engage with students from business schools, they’re often obstructed by several factors, most come ones being location, time and budget. Aiming to bridge the existing gap among employers and MBA students, the Global Career Forum offers just that – a virtual event where employers and business graduate students can network and interact. Why does your company need to parti...
silhouetteArantxa Cinca, Admin | January 18, 2019 comment 0   
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The Esprit Internship Programme

Where you choose to have your internship is very instrumental in the path your career will take. As an MBA student, the opportunity to work with a global company with such vast resources is a golden opportunity for a successful career. GSK (GlaxoSmithKline plc) has launched a global talent development program called the Esprit Internship Programme. This programme allows MBA students to have a...
silhouetteArantxa Cinca, Admin | January 14, 2019 comment 1   
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MBA Case Competitions - Seeking to gather the best MBA students

Do you have what it takes to participate in Business challenges organized by top schools and companies seeking to gather the best MBA students in order to develop the best solutions to their different case studies? If you emerge as the best of the best, you will be awarded substantial prizes. Our MBA competitions directory has now been updated with over 110 competitions for MBA students intere...
silhouetteArantxa Cinca, Admin | January 14, 2019 comment 0   
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H1B Sponsorship for Business Profiles in the USA

In our second H1B Sponsorship 2018 Business Profile Report, we have explored all the 541,555 H1B Sponsorships data, and filtered it down to only keep business profiles information. Within our International Section, you can search and filter 46,922 H1B Sponsorships for business profiles, filter by state, functional area, job title, and employer name. This article focuses on the USA Overview. ...
Profile PictureEmma Latini, Admin | October 5, 2018 comment 0   
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