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Current Events (Open for registration)

Getting Your Foot in the Door When Switching Industries
Mar. 28, 2023

Changing industry is an inevitable part of most careers these days, whether through itchy feet, economic needs or serendipity, or indeed due to the seismic changes going on in the world of work that mean the creation and disappearance of entire secto...

Getting Your Foot in the Door When Switching Industries
Getting Your Foot in the Door When Switching Industries
Am I too old...?
Apr. 18, 2023

It’s 2023. Massive layoffs abound, but the war for talent rages on. It’s confusing!
Add to that the tricky question of age, and you may wonder, “Am I too old to consider switching careers at this stage? Or should I just hold on for dear life where I...

Am I too old...?
Am I too old...?

Past Events

Mind Your Career: Mastering the Inner Game
Mar. 13, 2023

In working with thousands of executives around the world on their career planning and transitions, Peter has come to an awareness that 80% of success is mindset. The ability to achieve greater levels of success in business, career and life rests not in our ability to learn more or do more, but to unlearn and transform the unintelligent patterns of thinking that have become wired into our brains and bodies.

Structuring: Your Key to Interview and Career Success
Feb. 16, 2023

David Ohrvall, world-class case interview trainer, will deliver insights on how to consistently start each case with confidence. David is the author of Crack the Case and Interview LOGIC and is the founder of Zintervu (formerly MBACASE). He trains thousands of students each year around the globe on how to solve cases like a business advisor.

How to Transition from Consulting to C-Suite
Feb. 7, 2023

In this webinar, you will learn: -What is the reality about this transition and whether the facts support the myth -Why the transition from consulting to C-suite makes an attractive value proposition – both for the individual and organization’s perspective -What are the common pitfalls that former consultants fall into when transitioning into corporate jobs -Key strategies and practical tips for successfully transitioning to the C-Suite

Agile PErsonal Branding: design your strategy with the Personal Branding Canvas
Nov. 22, 2022

The MBA will surely be a career breakthrough for you. But only if you will build trust and credibility around it. In fact hiring managers don't "buy" an MBA diploma, they buy outstanding expectations! And the best device to deliver them is your Personal Brand. You are surely tired of reading articles that talk about Personal Branding without explaining how to do it. Then it's time to take action. Join our introduction to Personal Branding for MBA students and to the Personal Branding Canvas, a completely free visual tool used by thousands of people around the world. It is the simplest and most practical resource you can easily adopt to discover and communicate your promise of value, to differentiate yourself in a relevant way and to manage your professional image and make a name for yourself.

How To Discover Your Superpowers: Identifying Your Professional Strenghts
Nov. 16, 2022

Have you ever wondered what you bring to the table? Or have you struggled in answering the “Why should we hire you?” question? In this fun session, Serial Entrepreneur Rushab Kamdar will share with you how to truly discover your professional superpowers in 3 easy steps. See why Masters programs across the country have been bringing in Rushab for the past decade and learn his unique strategies to help you Think & Talk Business to land jobs.

What is Hot In Consulting
Nov. 14, 2022

AI, RPA, digital: the impact of technology change on organisations creates new challenges for the consulting industry. Thinking of becoming a consultant after business school? Then learn what's in store for you, the advice you'll be giving, the skills you'll need. Consultancy Careers Strategist Don Leslie talks about the work of consulting firms in the 21st century, the attributes of a successful consultant, and the opportunities available in this attractive sector. Don spent four decades recruiting MBAs for consulting firms and is now an evangelist at business schools and universities for the consultancy industry.

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